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Watch our man Ollie Marriage get a passenger ride up the Goodwood Hill in Ford’s new 345bhp hot hatch

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Lamborghini confirms open-topped version of 740bhp V12 will be built. You will want one

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Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn promises more electric cars, and hits back at Red Bull’s criticism of his F1 engines

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Former rally ace Jean Ragnotti goes 360… on purpose. This is how you salsa in a Renault

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Honda’s resurgence continues via titchy, turbocharged, mid-engine sports car. We succumb to its charms in its Tokyo homeland

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MX-5 chief engineer says there are no plans for hardcore version of new roadster

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If you have the money, German tuning firm MTM will build you this 421bhp 4WD monster

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We strap into Gymkhana star’s 845bhp, AWD Ford Mustang for a run at Goodwood. Tyre smoke ensues

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Hyundai revives old name for its new high-riding Qashqai rival. Shane O’Donoghue takes a drive

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Less weight, more power, bonkers roof. Jason Barlow takes a drive in the Fifties-inspired roadster

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Flagship hybrid supercar gets an experimental drivetrain and Mad Max-spec bodywork

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And you can buy it, too, if you fancy spending Cayman GT4 money on a car that only does straight lines

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Fiat reboots its city car after 8 years. Locate your most technical anorak for a game of spot the difference

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Watch Rhys Millen and his eO PP03 set a new EV record up America’s scariest hillclimb

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Chinese-built crossover will resemble sporty Elite, Hethel boss Jean-Marc Gales tells Paul Horrell

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TG exclusive: the three-time Le Mans champion discusses Formula One’s woes, and how to fix them