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Monday 3rd of October 2022
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It can a long time to animate cartoons -- just ask the Rick and Morty team. But what if you could ask computers to do some of the lifting? They just might. Researchers have produced an AI system, Craft, that automatically produces The...
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SpaceX ultimately wants to recover every stage of a rocket, not just the first, and it may resort to some unusual tactics to make that happen. Elon Musk has claimed that his company will try to take rocket upper stages out of orbital velocity using...
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Ask a Sea of Thieves player for complaints and they'll likely have one common theme: there's not enough to do. You can only dig up so many treasures on the same islands. And Rare knows it. The developer has detailed content plans for...
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By: Mike Sorrentino
The Star Wars film's latest peek takes a longer look at the duo's early dynamic.
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By: Andrew Liptak

Lucasfilm has released a new teaser for its upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story, showing off a bit more of Han Solo’s early days and his friendship with Chewbacca. We’ve already seen a couple of trailers for the film, which show off a bit of...

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By: Andrew Liptak
Ever since Apple first released the Apple Watch, it hasn’t allowed third parties developers to create and release their own custom faces for the device. That might change, according to code in the latest developer’s build, discovered by...
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Hulu might not be as committed to streaming talk shows as Netflix, but its fledgling efforts are paying off. The company has renewed Sarah Silverman's I Love You, America for a second season, with the 11-episode run beginning on September 6th....
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By: Rafael Rivera
Rafael releases the tool he uses to unearth hidden features present in pre-release builds of Windows 10. The post Taking Control of Windows Feature Control With Mach2 appeared first on
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Ford hasn't been shy about its plans for a self-driving car network in 2021, including its hopes of fielding a purpose-built vehicle that year. However, there have been questions about the size -- will this be like the services we've seen ...
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By: Chris Matyszczyk
Commentary: During a rain delay, staff at the Indians game offers another game.
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By: Andrew J. Hawkins
We haven’t heard much from Hyperloop Transportation Technologies since last year, when the California-based company released a handful of images and a video to prove that it is building what it says is the world’s first full-scale,...
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By: David Z. Morris

The track would become the first outside the United States.

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By: Kellen Beck
Having a whole bunch of smart objects like lights, appliances, and thermometers can make life a little more convenient for businesses, but buying into the internet of things can also make those same businesses more vulnerable to hackers. Nicole...
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By: Steve Guttenberg
Show Us Yours: How a man and a woman found bliss with 11 pairs of Zu Audio speakers in a small New York City apartment.
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There's little doubt that mobile apps sometimes overstep their bounds by collecting more data from kids than the law allows. But how often does that happen? It might be more than you think. Researchers using an automated testing process have...
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By: Alessandra Potenza
For the second year in a row, people around the world joined together to voice their support for science. Although the second March for Science wasn’t as well-attended as last year, according to CNN, over 200 demonstrations took place across the...
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By: Andrew Liptak
What appears to be New York City’s first suit under a new revenge porn law was filed last week by a CUNY associate professor of public health against an ex-boyfriend and a group of anonymous individuals that allegedly used Tumblr to distribute...
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By: Chris Matyszczyk
Commentary: Surveillance video shows an Amazon delivery that seems to have been inspired by the NBA playoffs.
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By: Sean O'Kane
Fully electric motorsport series Formula E raced in the streets of Rome this weekend. But that’s now the second most unbelievable thing about the event: earlier this week, the Pope blessed one of the racecars. Formula E got its start in 2014 and...
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By Shannon Palus This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read the full article here. After more...
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By: Chaim Gartenberg
So, it turns out that I can never change my Wi-Fi network’s name ever again, or my speakers will stop working. That may sound ridiculous, but let me walk you through the series of bad decisions and technological quirks that have brought me here,...
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We're winding down a freaky week of bad omens, unconvincing congressional testimony and sterling new streaming services. While most eyes were fixated on Mark Zuckerberg doing his best real boy impression, GTA IV lost most of its Russian tunes,...
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By: Michael Moore
It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our biweekly column Short Play we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend. What if the government could...
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By: Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
The actor who plays young Lando will host Saturday Night Live next month and will also perform as rapper Childish Gambino.
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By: Jessica Dolcourt
The startup that made 3D emojis for Samsung's phones promises change.
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By: Megan Geuss
Enlarge / US Energy Secretary Rick Perry in the East Room of the White House in 2018. (credit: Getty Images) At a hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry expressed his willingness to help coal and nuclear plants out with...
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By: Vlad Savov
Ever since it was first released almost a decade ago, Google’s Chrome browser has been the most consistent piece of technology in my life. I’ve gone through a legion of phones, laptops, and headphones, I’ve jumped around between Android, iOS,...
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What you're looking at here is the result of some careful tinkering: a Raspberry Pi portable MAME emulator, with no HDMI. Ben and Felix have put the finishing touches on this portable gaming device using a combination of laser cutting and 3D...
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By: Emme Hall
It’s not a big addition, and it’s not confirmed yet, but more power is always welcome.
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By: Nathan Mattise
Enlarge / Sophie Thatcher (right) and Pedro Pascal in Prospect. Check out the trailer here. (credit: Prospect film still) AUSTIN, Texas—Make no mistake, South by Southwest conference film darling Prospect takes place within a giant,...
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By: Andrew Webster
When Nintendo first released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile last November, I was into it. The game felt somewhat slight by Animal Crossing standards, however. It lacked the open-ended nature of past games, and it didn’t really offer a...
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By: Alfred Ng
The social network continues to roll out tools to take on hoax articles and propaganda ads. But what about the memes?
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By: Stephen Shankland
Processors with artificial intelligence will spread from today's top-end phones to cars, PCs, security cameras, smart speakers and mainstream phones.
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By: Shannon Connellan
Stop waiting for your letterFans of quills, letters, and playing sports with household items, there’s still hope. Wizards in Harry Potter don't really use primitive muggle technology because, you know, they have magic. But that doesn’t...
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Ever since the original Apple Watch premiered in 2015, owners have been frustrated by the absence of third-party faces. And it's hard to blame them -- while Wear OS and Pebble devices have had them for years, Apple Watch owners couldn't do ...
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Popular Chinese social network Weibo is removing violent and gay-themed content to comply with China's new cybersecurity regulations. The Twitter-like platform has announced that it's doing a three-month "clean-up campaign,"...
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Ever since veteran developers successfully crowdfunded their spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld, there's been a looming question: how would the prototypical 3D action RPG translate to the 21st century? You now have an idea. OtherSide...
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Many people take identification for granted, but it's a serious challenge if you're homeless. If you lose what's on your back, you might lose everything -- and recovering that ID is much harder when you have no fixed address or easy...
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Google Research is giving us a (fun) glimpse of how far natural language processing in artificial intelligence has come. Mountain View's research division has rolled out a couple of what it calls Semantic Experiences, which are websites with...
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It's well-established that Android P will support notched displays when it arrives later in the year. However, that might not be the only iPhone X-like feature in the finished release. The 9to5Google team has noticed that a Google developer...
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By: Raymond Wong

The endless cycle of Android copying iOS and vice versa doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. In an blog post on the official Android Developers Blog, Google accidentally included a screenshot of a navigation bar interface that ditches the...

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By: Tom Warren

Google is testing a new navigation bar for Android P that looks similar to Apple’s new gesture and UI on the iPhone X. Google accidentally revealed the new navigation bar in an Android developers blog post (cached copy), and the company removed a...

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If your Apple Watch Series 2 suddenly won't turn on, don't panic -- you might qualify for a free fix. MacRumors has learned that Apple has quietly institute a service policy that will repair 42mm Series 2 models for free when they either...
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By: Andrew Liptak

Apple will fix some Apple Watch Series 2 devices if they have a swollen battery or don’t turn on, according to a new service policy seen by MacRumors. The policy states that “some Apple Watch Series 2 devices may not power on or they may...

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By: Raymond Wong
Well, here's something you don't see announced often (or ever, for that matter): A smartphone that can't connect to the Internet. That's right, Samsung's new Galaxy J2 Pro (it ain't a "pro" anything if it can't go online) is intentionally designed...
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You'd think that CD Projekt Red would have locked in Gwent's mechanics with an expected launch just months away, but not so -- if anything, it's ready to toss out what many are already taking for granted. The developer has unveiled a ...
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By: Raymond Wong
It's been a very long week for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Dude survived over 10 hours of Congress grilling him on the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has rocked the world. But is his skin thick enough to brush off all the jokes derived from his...
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By: Steve Guttenberg
Radio isn't dead yet, but its future isn’t exactly healthy.
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By: James Hyde
There are good deals on Amazon at any given time, the problem is to find them. We’ve done that for you here with some great deals that are live on Amazon right now, from an amazing deal on a 6TB backup drive to some accessories that will...
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You might only know JPEG as the default image compression standard, but the group behind it has now branched out into something new: JPEG XS. JPEG XS is described as a new low-energy format designed to stream live video and VR, even over WiFi and...
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By: James Vincent
What can artificial intelligence learn from dogs? Quite a lot, say researchers from the University of Washington and Allen Institute for AI. They recently trained neural networks to interpret and predict the behavior of canines. Their results, they...
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By: Andrew Liptak
Sega is getting in on the nostalgic, miniature console trend. Yesterday at Sega Fes 2018, It announced that it will release the the Mega Drive Mini, a miniature version of the 16-bit Genesis (known as the Mega Drive outside of Japan), sometime in...
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By: Colin Lecher
The president’s feud with Amazon reached a new level of tension this week, as Trump ordered a review of the US Postal Service’s finances. But the attacks seem likely to escalate from here. Here’s a short catch-up on the fight. Trump’s...